Ratchet Band Clamp consists of a stainless steel band affixed to a specially designed tensioner with integral ratchet wheel and lever. No tensioning tools are required to tension the RBC1000/10.

Sold 20 pieces per polybag.
Unit of Measure


Clamp Type

N/A Band

Clamp Thickness

N/A 1 mm

Band Material

N/A 304 Stainless Steel

Bag Weight

N/A 0.73 kg1.6 lb

Hemmed Band Dimensions


N/A 39 in1000 mm


N/A 0.0079 in0.2 mm


N/A 0.4 in10 mm

Band Thickness

N/A 35 gauge

Bag Dimensions

Bag Length

N/A 510 mm20 in

Bag Width

N/A 204 mm8 in

Bag Thickness

N/A 51 mm2 in

To Tension RBC1000/10

To Tension RBC1000/10 (Image)

To Tension RBC1000/10

To Tension RBC1000/10 (Instructions)

N/A Loosely fit the RBC1000/10 around the objects to be fastened. Cut off excess length. Insert the end of the banding through the slot in the ratchet wheel axel. Rotate the clamp lever back and forth to wind the band around the axel until the band is tight to the object. Close the clamp lever onto the clamp body and press or tap down to lock closed. (Note: flared leg bracket sold separately)..

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

N/A Feature - Integral Ratchet Wheel Tensioner
Benefit - Tightens Securely
No Special Tools Required (Contact Band-N-Go for Installation Video Link) - Keeps Cost Down

Feature - Hemmed Edges
Benefit - Smooth Finish Protects Workers and Materials

Feature - Stainless Steel
Benefit - Durable, Long-lasting, No Maintenance Required
Corrosion Resistant
Non Flammable
Does not Absorb Water
Unaffected by Uv Radiation
Withstands Temperature Extremes