5/8" (17 mm) x 0.028" (0.7 mm) with 17/64" (7 mm) diameter holes at 13/16" (20 mm) centers

33 ft (10 m) on self-dispensing plastic spool - 6" (150 mm) diameter X 1" (25 mm), wt 1.6 lbs (0.72 kg)
Unit of Measure


Banding Width

N/A 17 mm5/8 in

Banding Thickness

N/A 0.7 mm0.028 in

Hole Diameter

N/A 7 mm17/64 in

Banding Length

N/A 10 m33 ft

Core Diameter

N/A 150 mm6 in

Core Width

N/A 25 mm1 in

Dispenser Weight

N/A 1.6 lb0.72 kg


N/A Steel


N/A Galvanized


N/A No special tools required, fasten with bolts or screws

Industry Served

N/A Plumbing & HVAC Sign & Banner

To Fasten Hanger Strap

To Fasten Hanger Strap

N/A Loop: Fit the band around the objects to be fastened and form a loop. Cut off. Match holes in both sides of the loop at the desired position. Insert max 1/4" (6 mm) bolt(s) through the holes and tighten nuts to secure. Bracket: Cut desired length. Anchor one end with screw or bolt inserted through hole, bracket object, then secure other end with screw or bolt inserted through hole at opposite end.

Features and Benefits

Plastic Self-Dispensing Spool

N/A Compact, convenient, durable, weather resistant, easy to carry and store
Low cost

Galvanized Steel

N/A Durable, long-lasting, no maintenance required
Corrosion Resistant
Non Flammable
Does not absorb water
Unaffected by UV Radiation
Withstands temperature extremes



N/A Chimney Mounted Antenna Hanging Gas Pipe Mounting Insulated Air Duct Wire Clip