Snaplock Quick Release worm drive clamps are good for closed system applications where the clamp must be disengaged to be applied. The swivel-action locking of screw to band makes installation and removal much faster.

Applications include general purpose, mild-corrosive environments, cable bundling and hanging of light weight signs.
Unit of Measure



N/A Ideal Tridon® Snaplock®


N/A 104

Minimum Diameter

N/A 2-7/8 in45 mm

Maximum Diameter

N/A 7 in178 mm


N/A Ideal-Tridon 58-0

Industry Served

N/A Shipbuilding & Marine Oil & Gas & Mining Plumbing & HVAC Automotive

Material Specifications

Screw Size

N/A 3/8 in

Screw Head

N/A Hex

Screw Plated Material

N/A 410 Stainless Steel

Housing Material

N/A 200 Stainless Steel

Bridge Material

N/A 410 Stainless Steel

Band Size

N/A 9/16 in

Band Material

N/A 200 Stainless Steel

Installation Torque

N/A 30 in·lb3.4 N·m