Extra strong, galvanized steel wall mounting plates are suitable for fastening cables, pipe and conduit to flat surfaces using stainless steel cable ties or stainless steel banding. Cable or pipe can be replaced without removing the WP200 wall plate from the wall.
Unit of Measure


Package Type

N/A Carton

Units Per Package

N/A 25


N/A 1.6 in40 mm


N/A 5.8 in146 mm


N/A 1.2 in28 mm

Weight Per Carton

N/A 8.2 lb3.7 kg

Carton Dimensions

N/A 12 x 6 x 6 in

Industry Served

N/A Electric Utility Oil & Gas & Mining

Features and Benefits

12 Gauge Galvanized Steel

N/A Extra strength for medium and heavy duty applications

1 Inch (in) Slots for Stainless Steel Banding or Cable Ties

N/A Use Up to 3/4 Inch (in) Wide Banding

Galvanized Steel

N/A Corrosion resistant
Withstands extreme temperatures
Long lasting, no maintenance required
Does not absorb water

3/8 x 1-3/8 Inch (in) Fastener Slot

N/A Allows for flexibility in positioning
Use up to 3/8" diameter fastener for heavy duty installations