Light duty aluminum cable ties are suitable for wire bundling and affixing labels and tags, especially where reduced weight is required, or when used with other aluminum components.
Unit of Measure



N/A 520 mm20.5 in

Bag Weight

N/A 0.24 kg0.52 lb

Bag Size

N/A 580 x 150 mm23 x 6 in

Break Strength

N/A 50 lb


N/A 7.9 mm0.31 in


N/A 0.30 mm0.010 in

Tensioning Tools

N/A By Hand CT2840 CT2850

Package Type

N/A Bag

Units Per Package

N/A 100


N/A Aluminum

Tie Type

N/A Cable

Maximum Bundle Width

N/A 151 mm6 in

Industry Served

N/A Shipbuilding & Marine